How to Get Rid of Red Eyes Without Eye Drops

Red Eyes Introduction

Red eyes also known as bloodshot eyes are very common. This health issue is not given proper attention until the pain is observed. It can be the result of different things such as allergies, sickness, grievance, occurrence of alien particles, sprain, lack of proper sleep and other infections. Home remedies are considered best options for the people.  Improve the eye health by using different home based solutions always enable the people to get rid of red eyes or redness. Eye drops can be used. These are often given by the doctors but there are other options available to get the health status back. Always visit your doctor to decide fundamental causes of this disorder. Let see how to cure red eyes problem without the use of any eye drops.


Different Ways to Cure Red Eyes Without Using Eye Drops

1. Use the cold water:wash eyes n face with cold water

Try the cold water immediately. As a matter of fact, it is the freely available natural liquid having great potential to provide comfort and ease. The people who are not ready to use the eye drops are suggested to focus on the health research activities conducted by the doctors and medical experts to determine the benefits of water.  Splashing cold water on your eyes gives temporary relief. It is recommended to repeat this process until the eyes start feeling comfort. On the other hand, the cold water is known to reduce the eye vessel swelling. The blood vessels regain the previous shape in order to create comfortable sensation. It is a best approach getting rid of red eyes.


2. Ice cubes are also useful:

Similar to cold water, you can use the ice cubes for the treatment of red eyes. It has been noticed that cubes are better option for the people. It is easy to use the cubes for a longer treatment. Touch the eyes with ice cubes for 30 seconds and feel comfort. This will help the blood vessels to maintain the position once again. This method is very simple and easy. Most of the eye specialists recommend ice cubes to get rid of red eyes without eye drops.


3. Try cool cucumber to get rid of red eyes:bloodshed eyes or red eyes

Well, it is a well known method being used from ancient times. The slices are commonly used to provide cool and comfortable sensation to the eyes. The cucumbers are not expensive. It is easy to purchase and slice the cucumbers. Place the pieces on your eyes and take rest. These slices can be replaced by refrigerated pieces after some time. This method gives better option to get rid of red eyes without using eye drops.  This will maintain the position of eyelids. It also reduces the blood vessel swelling very quickly.


4. Use the tea bags:tea bags can help to get rid of red bloodshed eyes

No doubt, the tea bags are thrown after the utilization but there is a way you can use them to get rid of red eyes. The tea bags are very useful for the red eyes. It has been noticed that tea bags contain antioxidants and other fluids beneficial for the red eyes. Just places these bags on the eyelids after use. This will help to reduce the swelling of eyelids quickly. It has been noticed that majority of the people use this method to reduce the black shades under the eyes. Don’t forget to place them in deep freezer before using. Using the hot tea bags is not allowed. Always use the cold tea bags in order to cure red eyes without eye drops.


5. Avoid using screens for longer:

According to the latest research trials, the people who use laptops and computers for longer face the red eyes. Actually, the screens don’t allow the users to blink the eyes. This causes dryness in the eyes. It is recommended to reduce the screen exposure. It will be better if you divide the work schedule according to the health requirements. This will help to get rid of red eyes as soon as possible without using the eye drops recommended by the physicians in your area.