3 Facts About Eye Color Genetics

Eye color genetics

Eyes are important part of the body supporting the humans to view and see the world. Viewing the colors or happiness is only possible if you have a pair of functional eyes. On the other hand, the color of eyes is a big mystery for the readers. There are numerous explanations and justifications available to define the eye colors. Do you know how brown, blue or hazel eye colors appear? All these things are associated with the genetics. The study of genetics is giving numerous clues about the coloration in eyes but it is necessary to find the basic information. The genetics of eye color can’t be explained without seeing the basic facts.


Basic facts

Here are 3 must know facts about eye color genetics.

1. Facts behind blue and green eyes:

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Normally, it seems that green and blue eyes are more prominent. This fact is true but there is no genetic reason behind it. The eye color genetics is unable to prove the special gene sequencing and coding. It is believed that blue as well as green eye color appears just because of the level of pigmentation. The reflection of objects an eye captures is also important to give it a special color. All the lighter eye colors depend on the external light. However, if you have blue eyes then there must a person having blue eyes in your ancestors. YOu might also be interested to know the meaning of your eye color.


2. Genetics of eye color and cells:

It is well studied by the scientists that there are more than 107 million eye cells working to create a special color. All these cells are light responsive. This fact proves the theory presented by some scientists that external objects and light conditions are also responsible to make the eye color. There are 7 million Cones present in the eyes to observe the colors. The white and black colors are identified with the help of 100 million rods. The eye color genetics is also connected with the number of cells and rods.


3. Genes are transferable:

It is a common fact about the genetics. The human genes are transmitted from parents to offspring. It is a common mode of genetic transformation. Parents with blue and brown eyes may have kids with black eyes. This example shows that there are high chances of variability. The eye color genes need to become dominant in order to show the full response. Without getting dominant situation, it is impossible for the color genes to give a new shape to your eyes. Blue eyed parents will produce kids with blue eyes. However, the level of color will be different in kids because of the genetic combinations.

baby eye color chart according to genetics

baby eye color chart according to genetics

According to the geneticists, it is very rare that common eyed parents produce kids with special eye colors because of the eye color genetics. For example, there is no chance of blue or green eyed kids if parents have black eyes. It is really important to study the history of parents in order to see the eye color combinations. Some experts believe that eye color genes are present with equal amount but they need special switch to show their effects. This theory explains the basics of eye color genetics.