People With Rarest Eye Colors You Have Ever Seen

Eyes are important for the human personality. There are many eye colors seen commonly but some are very rare. The rarest eye colors have been noticed by conducting medical surveys in different parts of the world. It is possible to read the internal feelings and conditions of a person by seeing his or her eyes. Eyes are directly connected with the human brain. There are different cords and nerves associated with the eyes and brain. The color of the eyes is one of the most important factors for the viewers.


They have something very attractive and interesting for the eye specialists. There is no big reason behind the eye color and shape. The eye color is considered a polygenic trait. It means that the eye color appears because of the multiple genes. These genes are transferred by the parents. A complex interaction of genes is responsible for the formation of rear eye colors.


As a matter of fact, there are people who have some special eye colors. The rarest eye colors of the world have been recorded in order to generate a database. This database helps the experts and scientists to study the history of evaluation. The genetic makeup is also responsible so it is possible to find the factors involved in the activation of genes to generate a special eye color.

Green eye color:

afghan girl with green eye color

afghan girl with green eye color

Green is one of the rarest eye colors. However, this color is very common in Europe and northern parts of the world. It is believed that small amount of melanin is responsible for the formation of this color. A mixture of bluish and lighter eye color creates the greenish appearance. On the other hand, there is also yellow color dominant in these eyes. Some unique eye colors have the combination of green and yellow which create amazing eye effects.

Amber eyes:

This is another type of uncommon eye color that is rarely seen. It is true that amber eyes are considered very attractive and fascinating. These eyes are also called golden eyes. According to the scientists the amber eyes are mixture of golden as well as yellow color. Normally, this type of eye color is found in animals such as wolves. This color appears because of the small amount of melanin. High concentration of a famous factor known as Lipochrome also contributes towards the development of amber eyes.

Black is among rarest eye colors:

It is believed that black is a rare color. However, there are strong evidences present that this eye color is common in Asian countries. People of china, India, Pakistan and Iran have black eyes. However, they don’t have pure black eyes. You will see a mixture of black and brown color. This combination creates light brown eye appearance. It means that light brown eye color is only because of the high concentration or dominancy of black with brown.

Red eye color:

It sounds funny but it is true. The red eye color is very rare. It appears because of the less pigmentation. The pigmentation in the eye cells is very important. However, the eyes will reflect in red if pigmentation is not prominent. It seems that red is among the rarest eye colors in this world.

Finally, these unusual or exceptional eye colors are the gifts of the creator. These are rare colors and not familiar to most of us but it’s true that those eyes are beautiful and gorgeous. That’s why a simple photo of a girl with green eyes from Afghanistan got so much popularity because of its depth!

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