People with Two Different Colored Eyes: How That’s Even Possible!

It is very rare that a person gets two different eye colors. Have you heard something like this? As a matter of fact, it is hard to believe but science has something amazing for the readers. It has been studied by the genetic engineers. The experiments and studies show that there are numerous reasons behind the two colors of eye. Two different colored eyes are not common but it is true that you can get this type of nature. It is necessary to observe that genetic experts have made numerous explanations as mentioned below.

How is it possible to get two eyes with different colors?

Melanin is important:

Yes, the first thing everyone must understand is the value of melanin. It is a level of concentration present in the eyes to create the eye color. Different types of colors appear because of the level of concentration of the melanin. For example the low level of melanin demonstrates the light brown eye color. Mild to moderate eye color appears because of the level concentration of melanin. On the other hand, the high level of melanin promotes the black eye. It is required to check these concentrations in order to decide the reason of an eye color.

twin with different eye color

twin with different eye color

Uniform melanin is necessary for Two Different Colored Eyes:

As a matter of fact, the two colors in eyes get promotion because of the disturbance in the eye color. Disturbance of the melanin is one of the best reasons according to the scientists. On the other hand, there are some scientists claiming that two eye colors appear because of the disturbance. They believe that disturbance is the only option behind it. The scientists are looking forward to identify the main factors and their contribution to create the color of eyes. It is believed that modern research activities will come with some good reasons and facts.

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Role of eye pigmentation:

This is another major cause of the two eye colors. Nowadays, the eye surgeons have learned that eye color becomes more prominent when the eye pigments show their effect. The eye pigmentation is a well-known reason to create red and amber eyes. Abnormalities in the eye pigmentation are considered a big factor. However, there is a great level of contradiction among the eye surgeons. This fact will be explored further by using the modern genetic engineering technologies.



Irregular iris is also important:

Don’t ignore the importance of iris. It is a big portion of your eye. The iris has a major role to define the reflection of the colors in eyes according to the external environment. In most of the cases when the green color is dominant in external environment the eyes become grayish especially if a person has hazel eyes. This factor has been proven by the scientists. Further studies and research activities are required to present the logical reasons and examples. You can easily use this example when finding the reason to two different colored eyes.  Keep all these important scientific points and facts in mind if discussing the reasons behind the color formation of eyes.