Violet Eye Color – What’s So Special?

Violet eye color

Nowadays, the discussion about eye care, color and appearance is being hot popular among the experts. The scientists, geneticists and experts are trying hard to explore the reasons and facts behind the eye coloration. It is not an easy job to identify the main elements but you can say that genes are playing an important role to make a prominent eye color. As a matter of fact, violet eye color is among the rarest eye colors observed in the world. There are so many myths and secrets related to the eye colors.


What is special in violet eyes?

According to the experts, there is nothing special in violet eyes. However, it seems a valueless point because violet eyes have something really special. Let’s talk about the special appearance. The violet eyes are more prominent and attractive than others. It is believed that girls with violet eyes can choose a wide range of eye shades. They don’t need to beautify the eyes because of the natural beautification. The scientific grounds are very interesting. There are some research papers and publications explaining the interesting fact behind the violet eyes.


Violet eye color is due to pigmentation:

It will be surprising information for you. The violet color appears when the pigments in eyes receive some type of disturbance. Most of the genetic reasons and experiments have been presented by the experts. The violet eyes are composed when the eyes receive extraordinary pigmentation. Lack of brown and black pigmentation also creates the violet color. These are some basic facts and reasons you must keep in mind when trying to find the important points.


Blue violet eyes:

It is also common. No doubt, the violet eyes are rare in the world but you will see a marginal line of blue color around the iris. It is very interesting. The blue color lining creates a special look. It defines the level of violet color in the eyes in different cases. You have to notice the blue color range when observing these eyes.

violet eye color - Elizabeth

Green with violet eyes:

It has been noticed that green is another color creating the margins. This color appears because of the lack of pigmentation. The violet eye color with green margins always makes a better impression. It is easy to capture the attention of viewers with this type of eyes. There are different genetic reasons behind the creation of green margins around these eyes.