How to Get Rid of a Lazy Eye

Lazy Eye Introduction

Lazy eye can be alternatively said as ‘Tired Eyes’. Every people want to get rid of lazy eyes. Do you know the reason? Human eyes are considered open books to tell the internal condition of a person. Everyone knows that eyes never lie. It is a big fact accepted by the medical science. Nowadays, the eye problems are being famous because of the numerous factors. Lazy eye is a big issue also called Amblyopia. The history of this medical issue is very old.  It is very famous that identify the lazy eyes is not an easy job. In most of the children, this issue appears while the parents identify it very late. If you are facing such a situation then it will be better to visit the best ophthalmologist as soon as possible. Only a specialist can identify the true condition and situation. Some actions are given below that will help you to get rid of lazy eye.


Checking the condition of your eyes:

First of all, you have to determine the issue. Eyes have several issues so it is important to confirm the status of lazy eyes. Testing a lazy eye is possible. This technique can be used for the confirmation before you visit the doctor. Ask your kid to close one eye and check the objects available around. This will enable the users to check the status of both eyes. This will be helpful to select the control measures to get rid of lazy eye. Consider these steps to evaluate the situation.

  1. Bring a prominent object (a pen, a colorful stick) and ask the kid to follow the movement of that object.
  2. Move the item slowly. First, move it towards the right and then left. Up and down movement is also recommended.
  3. Carefully observe the movement of eyes. You have to judge the slow eye movement.
  4. Repeat this test for both eyes. It will be better if you cover left or right eye with a paper piece in order to allow a single eye to give the signs.
  5. Note down the observations for further evaluation.

lazy eye example

Learn how to get rid of lazy eye:

1. Treatment of a lazy eye:

This step starts when you have confirmation about the lazy eye. In most of the cases, the experts recommend covering the good eye with the help of a patch or paper piece. It is a simple technique to enable the brain to put all the efforts on the weak eye.  For the ease, you can use the elastic bands.


2. Wear the patch regularly:

Remember, this patch must remain with you for at least 12 hours a day. Exclude the sleeping hours in order to take some rest. A regular force will enable the brain to utilize the weak eye. This will start an internal change to increase the efficiency of the lazy side. It is a tested technique having good results. Most of the ophthalmologists prefer to use this technique for the initial stages.


3. Note the improvement:

After a week, you have to reevaluate the improvement. It is necessary to observe the changes in order to bring advanced treatments. If lazy eye is showing faster movement than before then you should continue using this practice. According to the lazy eye treatment surveys, this method gives results within 30 days. However, to improve the eye completely and to cure lazy eyes it is necessary to use it for at least 6 months.

Lazy Eye before and after practise

Lazy Eye – before and after practice

4. Engage in games:

It is another method to speed up the process of improvement. Actually, the games are activities requiring faster eye movement. The patch will is a good technique for the game activities. Ping pong, badminton and football are excellent games for the faster eye movement. These practices will help you getting rid of lazy eye problem.