10 Useful Tips to Get Rid of Swollen Eyes That Works

Swollen Eyes

Are you finding the ways to get rid of swollen eyes? It has been observed that numerous disorders create problems for the people. Disorders related to the eyes are more dangerous and severe. According to the healthcare experts, 90 % of the swollen eye issues occur because of the external factors. There is a need to identify the main external factors and elements playing significant role to cause the swollen eyes. It is not an easy job to identity the main causes and reasons until you get proper information about the basic. In most of the situations the users prefer to ready the books and research papers. This method is useful but you should try to focus on the treatments and cures.


Causes of swollen eyes:

First of all, it is necessary to include a little introduction about the swollen eyes. This information will help to identify how to cure swollen eyes. The very basic reason of swollen eyes is the blood vessel disturbance. The eyes have numerous small blood vessels providing blood to cells. These vessels start swelling when the users have some tragedy conditions. Following causes are very common.

  • Cough
  • Prolonged sun exposure
  • Dust and dirt
  • Allergies
  • Viruses and bacteria
  • Eye dryness

So these were some common causes of swollen eyes. Let’s see the top 10 possible ways to get rid of swollen eyes.


1. Avoid the eye drops if it causes problem:

As a matter of fact, some eye patients don’t like to use the eye drops. There are so many reasons behind this. However, the biggest reason is the chemical nature. No doubt, there are numerous companies manufacturing eye drops according to the guidelines given by the health monitoring agencies but you must take care if alternative options are available. The users can get rid of swollen eyes naturally by using the things such as tea bags and cucumber slices. It is best to discuss to a professional eye specialist if you feel eye drops are causing side effects to your eyes.


2. Wash your eyes regularly:

It is recommended to prefer eye washing again and again. In most of the situations, the users prefer to wash the eyes with regular intervals. Remember, it is a useful opportunity to maintain the freshness of your eyes. On the other hand, it also helps to maintain the fluids to lubricate the eyes properly. Cold water is best option to bring temporary relief. It is not an easy job to keep cold water with you during the office hours. To overcome this issue it is recommended to use the fresh water.


3. Minimize the screen time:

eye rubbing due to laptop screen time

Yes, this problem is very common among the people who use laptops and computers for longer. People using these devices at offices or home usually face the issue. It is required to reduce the working hours by using different working schedules. It will be better to take short breaks. During these breaks you will use cold water or ice cubes to feel comfort. In most of the cases the people ignore the cold water. It is a big mistake because it is better to use cold water rather than eye drops.


4. Adjust the screen resolutions:

Don’t ignore the importance of screen resolution. People who can’t avoid the screen timing should take care of the resolution. There are multiple screen resolution settings and adjustments. Users need to understand the low light settings. It will be better if you check the 50 % light contrast. Is it suitable? People should check the appropriateness by checking the eye adjustment. Stop the light contrast where it seems good to your eyes. This will provide a chance to get rid of swollen eyes. With the passage of time, the modern LCD or LED based screens have been introduced. It is believed that these screens are very useful to avoid the eye dryness.


5. Stop smoking to get rid of swollen eyes:

stop smoking to cure swollen eyes faster

It is believed that mental stress is one of the biggest reasons to cause swollen eyes. Are you determined to stop smoking? It will be better to avoid this habit if you really want to provide comfort to your eyes. Actually, the cigarettes contain tobacco. It is believed that tobacco contains nicotine which is a main element to create swelling in eyes. No doubt, it is confirmed by the scientists that smoking has direct effect on the eyes but indirect effects have been observed. Don’t be worried about the mental stress. You can use the electronic cigarettes to get rid of this disorder.


6. Minimize the alcohol use:

Alcoholic beverages are known to disturb the sleeping habits. It is also believed that these products are harmful for the physical and mental health. Can you stay away from the alcohol? People who are looking forward the best techniques to cure swollen eyes should focus on the value of alcoholic products. If it is impossible to stop taking these beverages completely then you should try to minimize it. It is possible to monitor the use of alcoholic beverages. Avoid the vodka and beer. These two beverages have been identified dangerous for the eyes health.


7. Focus on your diets:

It is very important to take care of your diets. Most of the people face swelling in eyes just because of the food routines. Eating extra beef always creates allergies. If you are allergic to beef then high care should be taken. Prepare a balanced diet schedule. If you are unable to make a good schedule then you can contact with the diet experts. The nutrition experts can bring the best diet schedules and ideas for your health. Don’t ignore that foods are also responsible to create allergies in the body. The redness of eye is caused by the food allergy. Therefore, it is necessary to observe your diet schedule and health problems in order to identify the main reasons.


8. Take more sleep to rest your eyes:

give your eyes rest

This is a natural solution. You can enhance the duration of sleep hours. In most of the cases the eye specialists recommend a proper sleep of at least 8 hours. Because of the busy life routines the people prefer to take 6 hours sleep. Remember, you are risking your mental and physical health by taking less sleep. The body and brain has certain requirements. It is necessary to fulfill these requirements by improving your lifestyle. In most of the situations the 8 hours sleeping duration enables the people to get a fresh face, eye and mind. Get multiple benefits by using a single routine.


9. Visit an eye specialist:

Are you facing eye swelling continuously? The people who are facing these issues regularly are suggested to contact with the eye specialists. Visiting a physician will not give you health benefit because an eye specialist can understand the issue properly. He can tell the best solutions to get rid of swollen eyes.


10. Use the eye drops referred by doctor:

Various types of eye drops and gels are available in the markets. Those who don’t feel irritation should use the drops and gels. Applying the gel is easier because it stays for longer on the eyelids. However, you will need to use the eye drops again and again with a regular interval of at least 2 hours. Always use the products recommended by a doctor. Never select a gel or eye drop by seeing the advertisement. Use the proper prescription to get rid of swollen eyes.